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Army National Guard in Rochester, NY

Army Recruiter Rochester, NY Are you stuck at a stand still in life and are finding yourself asking, "What am I going to do next?" Are you bored with your current mediocure job and would like to start a career doing something meaningful? Do you just love your country? If you're interested in serving your country and making a difference, consider joining the Army National Guard! Call an Army recruiter today!

Defend the American dream With the New York Army National Guard in Rochester, NY. Give us a call today to speak with an Army recruiter about becoming a part of a proud tradition with the Army National Guard! Give us a call or visit our website today for more information!

When you join the National Guard in Rochester, NY you’ll become part of America’s most time-honored branch of the military.  The National Guard actually got its start prior to the United States.  Way back in the early 1600s, those who lived here would join up with local militias in order to protect their communities from outside attacks.  Nowadays, the National Guard still serves as a militia, but members don’t use muskets anymore.  Other things have also changed.

National Guard Rochester, NY Get the best of both worlds

As part of the modern Army National Guard in Rochester, NY, you’ll have the ability to pursue a higher education or work at a civilian job.  You’ll undertake your Army National Guard training periodically throughout the year on a part-time basis.  Then, since the Army National Guard answers to both the New York State and the U.S. government, you might be called to active duty either in a local community or on foreign soil.

Build your character and your future

Talk to an Army recruiter today!

Have a chat with your Army Recruiter in Rochester, NY today and find out what you can give to the National Guard and what the Army National Guard can give back to you.  Your local Army recruiter can to you explain what you’ll need, both psychologically and physically, to make muster as a National Guard soldier.  Your Army recruiter also can inform you about the many self-improvement benefits that you can take advantage of as part of the Army National Guard – everything from college tuition assistance to employment skills training.

Army National Guard Rochester, NY The National Guard never fails to react with strength, speed and efficiency, helping to defend American ideals and freedom worldwide.  This is what makes the Army National Guard a unique and vital part of the United States armed forces. Today's National Guard units must adapt rapidly to mission changes due to continually evolving situations abroad.  As a Guard soldier, you could be called upon to respond to emergencies on home soil, take part in combat missions overseas or contribute to counter-drug or reconstruction efforts. 

If the information on this page is of great interest to you and you'd like to serve your country, stop in to our Rochester, NY office today for information about the Army National Guard. Our Army Recruiter is eagerly awaiting your visit and would love to tell you all of the benefits of enlisting under the National Guard. Stop in, call (855)-334-4698, or visit our website for more information about the Army National Guard!

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NY Army National Guard Rochester

New York Army National Guard
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